Screen Print T-Shirt Designs

There are several different things you can do with screen printing but the bottom line is you want to make sure that the logo you go with is a great representation of who you or your team or business and then some. A lot of times people don’t stop to think about what a uniform or jersey can do for a team or business.

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Make Sure That You Focus on Comfort

When you are looking for a different way to represent your business, or you are in the works of starting a new business, you want to make sure you are representing your company and your employees to the upmost. But of course you want to make sure your uniforms or jerseys are comfortable. It has been proven that employees whom are comfortable in their work attire work better, represent their company or organization better and overall just offer a better atmosphere. So when choosing t-shirt screen printing in Australia, the style is important to take this into consideration; cut of the garment, style of the print and overall design and comfort.

Create the Best Combination of Colors

Not only do you want to choose the right blend of cotton or shirt, but when you are choosing something for a team sport uniform you want to think about the school or team colors and get together the right combination of two or three colors tops. You don’t want to introduce more colors than this. It is ok to have a few colors within the logo itself but when you are looking at team colors it is best to stick to one or two colors and do the logo in a bold black or white.

Silk screen printing is something that can be a whole lot more complex than just designing a logo. Now that we have talked about comfort and colors, now it is important to go back to the comfort topic and think about what these are going to be used for. If you are using the screen printing for sports jerseys than you want a material that will breathe. You don’t have to work with 100% polyester blend that used to be the only thing offered in the custom t-shirts realm. It is important to stay away from blends that can burn under the irons, or that raise allergies. A lot of people don’t think about those materials that cause itching and rashes.

Do Not Forget about Durability

Now, thinking about comfort, material, colors and cost does not mean that you should not think about durability. This is often why people turn to t-shirt screen printing in the Australia area. Durability is something that will be one of the first questions that are asked before handing over money. It is something that you have to consider when you are designing your team or company logo as well. When you shop around and get different quotes from the Australian businesses it is important that you ask what kind of guarantee they offer on their screen printing. Some will say they don’t guarantee after so many washes, while others will say that they guarantee their work for so long

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