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When you design your website you need to be aware of what is good and what is bad for web design. If knowing what was good and what was bad was an easy thing to do then there wouldn’t be so many horribly bad designs online. Graphic design reviews is very important for your website and should not be taken lightly. You should always go with a minimalist theme. The less you have the better it looks. Here are a few ways to know if it’s good or bad design.

Good Design

good website design
A clean design is visually more attractive. It offers less distraction and helps use focus from one design element to the next. It’s set up in a logical order that connects everything in a way that is minimalist and clean, with each piece representing its own time and space. With you a clean design your site will look more professional and will definitely attract more people. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and has no harsh colors. You need to make your site focused, readable, and presentable to every person visiting. With the less is more concept the less you have on the page the more attractive and easy to navigate it will be.

Bad Design

bad website design
A badly designed site is one that confuses you on what you’re looking at or what the main goal or focus of the site is. The order of the site is severely challenged with lots of design, apps, images and icons, and media. Just like in life the more you have going on the less helpful it is. Yes multi-tasking is a good trait to have but when it comes to graphic design the more things going on the less attractive the site is and more distracting the overabundance of clutter is the less helpful your site will be. If the clutter overwhelms the visitors they will not stay long on your site and will not return. The more overwhelming your site is and the less visitors come to it will determine whether your site is a big hit or a flop online.


If you’re looking for a clean, professional graphic design theme your best bet is to know exactly what information is necessary and only include that, don’t over word the pages, don’t over image or over media the site. You want people to love your site and come back. The more people love it the more they will come back to it.

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