Have you ever looked at something in business and made a sound? That sound is most likely from a Shryk. Please ignore the Urban Dictionary version of the name, that is just silly.

My name is Jefferson James - I know, my first name is a last name and my last name is a first name - and I'm an entrepreneur. I'm very passive aggressive and show that in my writing, although I do try and be neutral as possible. I'm 24 years old and my main purpose for starting this blog is to avoid wordpress, man that platforms sucks! I always wanted to start a blog, so this is my big change.

I'm not going to put a contact form up here, simply because I don't want anyone to contact me. Hell, I don't even want Google to find me, but I can't prevent that so I guess I'm going to need to deal with it...

Anyway, subscribe to my RSS feed and stay up to date on the latest ranting. I'm really going to let loose in here, just like the Urban Dictionary meaning of the name. :)