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What Are The Best Links To Get & Where Do You Get Them?

There are many different types of links available including social media, social bookmarking, press releases, articles web2.0 but the best links that you can get are blog post links. Why? Blog post links give you you the most bang for your buck and when done right give you the most link juice. Article sites and the sites listed above typically have thousands of links that are outbound from the site. This dilutes the power of the link.

It is also very difficult to get a keyphrase in the title when you get links from social bookmarking, social media etc. Blog post links are in content or contextual links which Google and the search engines favor most. However, when you use keyphrases in the title of blog posts you get a much bigger pop and blog posts allow you to do this. Blog posts can also be compelling to get you click throughs or traffic. And finally blog posts allows you to control the content around the keywords. This is also very  important.

So where do we recommend that you get your links or buy link advertising that also gives you massive back links. The answer is RankJumpers.com

The Best Place To Get Links - Rank Jumpers

With Out A Doubt rank Jumpers.com is the best blog choice around. And they write blog posts for you that saves you a ton of time and allows you to target 1000's of keyphrases if you choose! Contextual Links or blog posts can make a huge difference in getting your site found fast at the very top of the search engines. We recommend RankJumpers as the best blog network compared to Linkvana and Build My Rank. The other two are decent but our best experience has come from Rank Jumpers.com

The offer the fastest writers, the fastest indexing time and the best results for top listings. Many of you will think that I am pushing an affiliate link here but I am not. I truly believe in Rank Jumpers Enough. So no affiliate links here. Visit Rank Jumpers.

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